Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Whats the 411?

Here are some question I always wanted to ask people to get there opinion on things, Here we go...

  1. Why do men want to be with certain women as friends but also want to have sex with them but don't want to be in a commented relationship with that women?

  2. Why do some people feel its OK to still not use unprotected sex with someone regardless of the number of years they've know that person.

  3. Why does the 99cent store says its 99cents when they know damn well its not.

  4. Why do some of us Black Folks insist on buying the news trends and gadgets wasting money on small minded things, when some of us don't own a house, a bank account or financing a vehicle that's way out of our means to afford. And living in a trailer park, projects or shelter(j/k) somewhat..

  5. Whats up with the women nowadays??? wearing jeans to tight or a shirt that's to tight to (in some cases shirts may be to big)expose the The I DON'T GIVE A GUT FUCK LOOK( That's when ur stomach hangs over ur pants severely) But they be cute though!